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What is Sanctuary of Hope?


Sanctuary of Hope is a contemplative, ecumenical community of persons who are committed to knowing, loving, and serving God, each other, and those in need. It is a not-for-profit organization comprised of different faiths and cultures and committed to providing a retreat center in the inner city of Kansas City, Kansas.

Imagine a Place:

Where you can go for a while to get away from the noise, violence, and the stress of everyday living.


 Where you have the time to think and relax while renewing your relationship with yourself, and with God.

Sanctuary of Hope IS such a place:


It is close to where you are.


 It is thirty-two acres of natural beauty, wildlife, trees, foliage and flowers. 


 It has several beautiful shrines that create an ideal setting for spiritual reflection, contemplation and prayer. 


It is a place of quiet and peaceful serenity located right in the heart of the inner city of Kansas City, Kansas.



For more information about us, please contact:
  Sanctuary Of Hope, 2601 Ridge Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66102-4617
 Phone:  (913)321-HOPE (321-4673)                      Fax: (913) 321-4321

We are grateful to Tom Gilbert, the original webmaster  of this site, 
whose effort of love in the beginning, claimed this holy ground in the wilderness of cyber-space.

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