Retreat Reservation Form 
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**Please print and return this form, along with a general outline of your retreat, and your non-refundable deposit as soon as possible. Remember: Your date is not guaranteed until your deposit is received. Thank you!**

Group Name ____________________________________________________________________

Address____________________________ City/State_______________________ Zip________________

Contact Person_______________________________ Phone________________________________

Fax___________________________  Email___________________________

Arrival Date/Time ____________________________Departure Date/Time______________________

Number of Persons Attending: DAYTIME ______________ OVERNIGHT_______________

MEETING SPACES NEEDED:      Dining Room_____       Day Room_____      Chapel_____

Living Room_____      Meditation Room_____     Garden House_____     Front Porch_____

MEALS:               Sanctuary of Hope Provide Meals _____           Group to Cater Meals _____

                              Group to Bring in Prepared Meals_____

WHICH MEALS?     Breakfast_____     Lunch  _____    Dinner_____

BEVERAGES : Coffee (regular & decaf)_____   Water_____   Other___________________________

DO YOU WISH Sanctuary of Hope to Provide Snacks? _________________________

INDIVIDUAL ROOMS:      Number of Overnight Rooms Needed:  Single _____  Double_____ 

PRESENTATION EQUIPMENT:    Flip Chart _____   TV/VCR_____   Podium/Microphone_____

 ANY OTHER INFORMATION/NOTES:  (use back of sheet if necessary)

Please Return This Form, General Retreat Schedule, and Deposit To:
Julie Elwell, Retreat Coordinator                  
Sanctuary of Hope   2601 Ridge Avenue   Kansas City, KS  66102
Questions? Call 913-321-4673

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