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Who First Walked Here?
The Sacred Heart Trails
by MaryAnn Gardner

Tread softly, for this is holy ground.  
It may be, if we could but look with knowing eyes, 
this spot we stand on, is Paradise.

                         --author unknown--

Sacred Heart Trailways Data

Click Map to Enlarge

     When website committee chairman, Jim Randall, set out early one morning to walk and map the trails around Sanctuary of Hope he didn't realize in whose footsteps he might be walking.  Using his Global Positioning System (GPS) device, Jim carefully walked the paths and  gathered the data.  (GPS technology is widely recognized for its precise time and position information.)
     Forty two minutes later, with his data collected, he headed for his office. There, he proceeded to print out a map of the trails.
     To his surprise, the resulting diagram  resembled a drawing of a heart - not a valentine heart that one would cover with lace and flowers, but a human heart complete with the left ventricle defined.
     This was quite a discovery.  As Jim pondered whether or not this was a chance happening, he noticed something even more startling.  At its very tip, at the point of the heart, stands the statue of Jesus that overlooks the highway and the city from high atop Asher Mountain.  Without hesitation, Jim quickly dubbed the trail system "The Sacred Heart Trails."
     Dare one suggest that those who hike these trails today, might walk where the footsteps of the Holy Mighty One may have once blazed a trail of Mercy surrounding these grounds that have such a long history of a place for healing? 
      How does that song go?

"How lovely on the mountains are the feet of Him, 
who brings good news.  
Announcing Peace.  
Proclaiming news of happiness.  
Our God Reigns.  Our God Reigns."



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